Faraday Cage

Next door to us, on the Campus of the California Institute for Human Science, they have a Large Shielded Room, also known as a Faraday Cage. The Faraday Cage provides an experimental space isolated from the electro-magnetic field (EMF). It is a specially designed facility for delicate (subtle energy) experiments.

The copper-shield blocks the electric field and is able to eliminate most high frequencies. Any amount of weakness in the cage will allow electro-magnetic ‘noise’ from the outside world to penetrate through the Faraday Cage, which would be detrimental to subtle energy experiments. So ours is modified with stainless steel mesh in order to eliminate 60Hz. This is because stainless steel mesh is ferromagnetic which means it blocks the magnetic field.

Due to the delicacy of our research, our Faraday Cage is custom designed for subtle energy experimentation.