ES Tech Complex

The Electro Sensor Complex is a combination of medical devices to provide a fast overview of the homeostasis (internal medium and the main regulatory mechanism of the human body).  Changes in cell function always occur in the context of a whole organism, and different tissues and organs affect one another.

Therefore, the intended use of the ES Complex data is as specific supplementary examination regarding the patient homeostasis potential and responses which is a very important adjunct in the therapeutic plan management and follow up.

The technologies used as part of the ES Complex system provide some new data for the physician or other health practitioner such as estimation of the tissue oxygen, tissue pH, edema, Autonomic Nervous System activity, body composition, fluid distribution and hemodynamics. The non invasive fast measurement (2 minutes), the low cost, the results immediately available and the software usability makes the ES Complex an indispensable tool for health practitioners.

Example of the scanning window which is the display seen during a measurement.